Catalyst Program

As a part of Orr Commercial’s re-branding, we are proud to introduce the Catalyst Program. The Catalyst Program looks to align with concepts and operators seeking a long-term, proven partner who can help execute a sustainable growth plan through real estate.


We seek out operators who are early in their growth stage but solid in their operations and vision for the future. Many groups have the vision to grow but lack the access to capital and the necessary real estate expertise to grow their brand in a manner that will be attractive to future franchise operators or future investment at favorable terms. When looking at future growth it is pivotal to consider a few key things. Who is your customer? What is the ideal footprint and layout to streamline operations and drive sales? Lastly, and most importantly, what is the ideal location to capture customers and sales? We have the in-house expertise to identify all of the above.


We leverage our vast network of relationships with vendors and real estate professionals to ensure you get the most advantageous market positioning and pricing to curate something truly special. With investments in real estate, technology, restaurants and many other industries, we have the creativity and knowledge to help you grow the right way.


Ideal Candidates:
Operators with 2-10 locations
Industries of interest: Restaurant, Automotive, Medical
Texas-based companies
Groups highly motivated by growth with scalable systems

Deal Structures:
Build to Suit
Sale lease backs
Real estate representation
Joint ventures
Direct Investments
Portfolio Acquisitions
Asset dispositions
If you fall into one of these categories, you could be a great candidate for Catalyst. Let’s talk!

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High Growth and Expansion

Ready to take your business to the next level? We provide a full assessment for site selection, market opportunity analysis, portfolio audit, customer acquisition and retention forecasting, and more.

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One thing is constant - and that is change. Maybe the roads have been rerouted, or community growth has redirected to a new location, or you have just outgrown your current location. Whatever the reason may be, if you are considering relocation, we can give you a complete picture of your options.

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COVID-19 Issues

If your retail storefront has been affected by COVID-19 or other economic factors that put your business into a distressed state, we offer alternative paths to solve your immediate problems. Let's discuss your options, from finding a sublessor to renegotiating your lease.


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